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B-1 By VIta-Flex

Concentrated thiamine supplement

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5 pounds

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A Horse Care Product for health

Concentrated thiamine supplement Vita-Flex B-1 is a concentrated source of the essential B complex vitamin thiamine, also known as vitamin B1. Blended with pure white dextrose, Vita-Flex B-1 is specially designed to be highly palatable over a wide range of feeding levels. Vita-Flex B-1 supplies 1,000 milligrams of thiamine per ounce. The recommended daily feeding of of an ounce delivers 750 milligrams.

Thiamine, Energy Metabolism, and the Healthy Nervous System Thiamine plays an important role in the body's metabolism of carbohydrates. The horse's body requires thiamine to produce erythrocyte transketolase, an essential enzyme for energy utilization. Thiamine has also been studied for its effect on the maintenance of healthy appetite and nervous system stability and poise. Thiamine is highly vulnerable to the heat generated in feed processing. Bracken fern, yellow star thistle, and horsetail contain substances that promote thiamine deficiency if eaten. Horses should be prevented from grazing these plants whenever possible.

Nutrient Amount Per Pound
Thiamine 16,000 mg

Pounds 2 5 20
Days, approx, at 2 oz/day 42 106 426
Suggested Retail Price 10.95 24.50 87.50

Directions for Use

Feeding Feed ounce daily as needed. A ounce scoop is provided

B-1 By VIta-Flex
5 lb

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